What's it about?

Spinning Green is my new documentary film about SPIN Farming (Small Plot Intensive Farming). In the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, a new breed of farming is emerging and being lead by a young and creative social activist, Curtis Stone.

Not only does Curtis use organic methods to grow his vegetables and greens, but he only uses pedal power to get to and from his many residential plots, to get his produce to the local farmers market and to get his deliveries to local restaurants. Curtis’ goal is to use the least amount of carbon possible to run a sustainable and successful, urban farm.

In following Curtis’ example, all filming of this doc was completed using pedal power. The two Interns from UBCO who are helping me out have also committed to cycling to locations for filming. By the end of production, I had cycled approximately 450 KM.

Two colleagues from the Okanagan Valley, Victor Poirier from CATO and Denise Kenney from UBCO, have also agreed to produce a short, documentary film each that’s focused on food and agriculture. Once our projects are completed, we will collaborate on screening our films together as one program and then releasing our three projects on one DVD.